28-32 Weeks: Could the third trimester be my trimester?


Hi Everyone,

I have been off the radar for a while for a number of different reasons including laziness, having my hubby home from work and also having visitors. Fear not though, as I will make sure I fill you in on every detail of my life that you have missed over the past weeks. So, I don’t want to speak too soon but I am four nearly five weeks into the third and final trimester and so far it has been a lot more enjoyable then the rest of my pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong I still have all the typical joys that come with the final trimester: lack of sleep, no energy, swollen feet, and a bladder the size of a pea etc. etc. But these symptoms are much more pleasant then the symptoms I experienced in my first and second trimesters (touch wood). The first trimester I…

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