Learning Vietnamese in Vietnam

I’ve lived in Vietnam now almost 6 months! I cannot believe how the time has flown.

I love the lifestyle here, I love my Vietnamese friends, I love my job and mostly I love the free time I have to work on my hobbies and do the things I love as I only work 16-20 hours a week.

About 3 weeks ago now I started taking Vietnamese lessons. I am learning from some friends FOC, and in return I help them with their English (they are studying for the TOEIC test).

Having lived here for 4 and a bit months before I started lessons I already knew bits and pieces of the language, for instance how to order most of my favourite foods, count to ten, say hello and thank you etc etc.

Now when I started official lessons, the first 3 went so well I felt like a pro, picking up the new words and phrases quite quickly. However by the 4th lesson things started to get difficult! My brain hurt trying to learn new words – the first 3 lessons were basically just learning what I already knew with some extensions.

I can say though after this mornings lesson, which was about my 8th or 9th lesson, that its still difficult trying to pronounce many of the sounds, however my brain no longer feels like its squished like a stress ball!! I finally feel like some new phrases are starting to (VERY SLOWLY) sink in!!

Hopefully in the next 6 months here I can get the basics of a conversation down!

Wish me luck 😀

until next time xoxox